This week I am spending time in Atlanta, Georgia attending the ServiceUnites Conference.  This is the largest conference I have attended in the past couple of years and just looking at the schedule is a little overwhelming.  Even the line-up of speakers for the Opening Plenary is intimidating (plus being held in the Fox Theater!).



Each day, I will attend sessions to learn more about trends in volunteerism that I can bring back to my community.

Here are the titles of what I am attending:

  • Creating Highly Effective Programs for Young People
  • Engaging Millennials through Volunteerism
  • 3D Service: The 3D’s to Engaging College Volunteers in Community Service
  • How to Leverage Public-Private Partnerships by Engaging Youth in the Work of Educational Equity
  • Transforming the Student Volunteer Experience: The Win-Win-Win of Professional Development Opportunities in our Performance-Based Era.

Which of these sound the most interesting to you?

I will work to share my notes and what I learn here on our Project Stella TRC Facebook Page.

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